Vertical Mailbox Units
The OLD STD-4B vertical style mailboxes in existence since 1975, have now evolved since 2003 into an improved-security design under USPS-STD-4B+; and are approved for installation in new construction projects until early October 2006.

Per the USPS guidelines in the Federal Register, from early October 2006 and forward in time, USPS-STD-4B+ vertical style mailboxes can still be used for retro-fitting existing installations of old STD-4B or STD-4B+ vertical mailboxes where space and economical choices are a must. Major renovations may trigger requirements for USPS-STD-4C wall-mounted mailbox receptacles, which is covered in that standard.

Our “4B+” vertical mailboxes are in production and continue to provide the widest range of quality, security and cost effective mailbox options for the postal patrons of small communities and major metropolitan cities.

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